i like green. green reminds me of you.
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Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here

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♡ Sad B&W blog, I follow back similar♡


♡ Sad B&W blog, I follow back similar♡

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I am not trying to seeking attention by writing this; but I’m sososososo tired and idk what should I do bcs no one will hear me. But I think now I understand why do people usually cut theirselves; I think they honestly don’t want to die. But they’re waiting for a person to save them. That’s why. Cutting takes a long time to make us die and we’re still hoping that someone out there will see our scars and save us. Well idk. Bcs that’s on my mind when I tried to cut myself.
But unfortunately, I have a really bad phobia of bloods.
I am so sorry if you’ve ever read this………

i am so so so sorry if i’ve ever write this but i just really want to kill myself or omg just hit me with a bunch of truck i am so sorry

it’s weird how british people say “lift” instead of “elevator” and how my dad says “you are a dissappointment” instead of “i love you”

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How do I expect a guy to be able to love me when my own family can’t

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what if instead of calling each other names we referred to each other by our most dominant feature

like ‘hey Nose’ or ‘hey Too Much Eyeliner’

that’s usually called bullying

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